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6 Best Tips to Create a Luxurious Home on a Budget

Who doesn’t want a luxurious home that would leave everyone speechless when they enter? Money does make it easier to get the best interior design for your home, but fortunately you can make your home look lavish with just a few simple tricks.

Today, interior designing is all about simplicity, elegance and getting rid of the clutter. In case you are worried about the small space- with a few simple hacks, you can even make your home look spacious and uncluttered.

We have curated a list of 6 best tips for getting a luxurious home on a tight budget. If in case you are wondering how much you need to spend to get the best interiors, you can get a free quote, before learning these tips.

Replace your old fixtures

Before considering to spend on the larger aspects of home decor, replacing your old and worn out fixtures is a must. Door knobs, handles, drawer pulls, bathroom fittings and accessories etc. are often ignored, but these quickly catch the eye. Spending on good quality fixtures is wise rather than buying their cheap alternatives with a shorter life.

Change your curtains/drapes

Curtains introduce vibrancy to your overall home decor and blend flawlessly with your overall furniture. You can play with the color, texture, height, material and weight of the curtains.

Replace your throws/pillows

This might sound very basic and unimportant. But this small change adds to the minute detailing of your overall home decor. Pillows are a great way to accessorize your living room, and also giving a sense of comfort. The pillow covers could compliment your overall furniture and wall colors or they could be selected to fit seamlessly in your overall theme.

Use art frames to hang on the wall

Ever wondered what is common among all your favorite home interior designs or designs that you see in magazines? Well, there are lot of things. But one thing that easily meets the eye is the wall art. Hanging unique pieces of art in your living room and bedroom is the most affordable home decor idea. It is most advisable to use the frames with border colors that are in contrast to either the wall color or the wall art.

Choose quality over quantity

Luxury homes and modern interior design is about keeping the space uncluttered, restricting decor items and having minimal accessories. A wise tip would be to go for quality materials rather than having more quantity of accessories and decor items. Minimalist interior design gives you the ultra-modern feel that you are looking for.

Don’t go too bling

Modern and luxurious interior designs are about using subtle tones in your space. The subtle tones of walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture gives you that feeling of retreat you would get in a spa or a luxurious resort. If you still want to add that bling, just add a sequined throw or rug to bring in the zeal and add drama to the overall appeal.

Your home could look exactly like those you see in the magazines, and that too under a tight budget. You can request a free quote to see what your dream interior design could cost you. Now that you know the best tips to create a luxurious interior design on a budget- you should also beware of the most common interior design mistakes.

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