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5 Effective Interior Design Strategies for Small Homes

With real estate prices skyrocketing every day, the usable floor space we live in has significantly shrunk. Living in smaller and compact homes is gaining momentum. Living in small homes has become a norm for working professionals, nuclear families and bachelors. To keep up with this rising trend, architects and interior designers have evolved their designs to make smaller homes look trendy, minimalist and classy. Minimalist interior design can make your small apartment look spacious, uncluttered and accommodate all your needs.

Any interior designer would tell you that flexibility and versatility are two essential components for designing small spaces. The idea of efficient and modern interior design can be different for different people. We have made a list of five, generic yet effective, interior design strategies for small homes.

Using Multi-Purpose Furniture

A good design is all about efficiently utilizing open spaces in order to make it look uncluttered. You can use:
-sofas that double up as sleeping beds
-folding bed that aligns to the wall when not in use
-folding dining table and study table

Minimalist and modern interior design is all about space saving and utilizing the available space smartly. It is wise to get the furniture designed in proportion to your room size rather than buying ready made ones and trying to accommodate them in the room.

PS: Also take care that your Smart TV is placed at the correct viewing distance. Make sure it not too close or too far. You don’t want to place your Smart TV in such a position where it becomes difficult to watch it from your couch.

Let in Natural Light/Open up Windows

The more the natural light and air flows in your home, the more spacious your home feels. Also, when you open up the windows and allow daylight to penetrate every corner of your home, your home gets connected with the outdoors. Often, architects and interior designers use natural light to improve the overall aesthetics of a space.

Use Light Colors

This is a pretty basic hack for making any space look bigger and spacious. Painting your walls and ceilings with light toned shades and complementing it with even-toned furniture makes a perfect minimalist interior design. The light colors also make your space look cleaner, uncluttered and keeps room for adding the color pop that you may plan in the near future.

Use Smaller Kitchen Appliances/Electronics

Appliances such as refrigerator, oven, juicer, mixer etc. can take up a lot of space. You could opt for a smaller refrigerator that matches the overall size of your kitchen. Install a wall mounted compartment for your oven which would allow you some free space on the kitchen counter. Another trick is to use an induction cooker instead of a gas stove. It is very important to clear the clutter on the countertops for achieving a good workable segregation of spaces.

Attractive Display

There are all different kinds of storage baskets and racks to keep your belongings like keys, cell phone chargers, wallets, office or school bags etc.- they are visible but they look cluttered and not at all attractive. The trick is to dedicate proper places to these belongings and place them in an organized manner, so that they don’t disturb your interior design, but instead, add to the aesthetics.

Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean that it has to be cluttered and tightly spaced. The choice of your interior design has a considerable impact on your moods and emotions. So, make the most of any space- big or small- by just following these five simple tips. Make your home a happy, comforting and a relaxing space.

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