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Future of Interior Designing Post Pandemic

With almost the whole world going under lockdown, we have been trying to utilize our homes to the maximum in these times of pandemic. Our homes doubled up as our work place, area of study and place of worship. We have realised that working from home or learning from home could be the new normal after COVID-19. As we have seen in one of the previous blogs about how your home interiors can reflect your moods and emotion, to support this changing lifestyle a lot would depend on our home designs. We have identified a few trends that would emerge in home designing post pandemic.

Dedicated Work Space/Study Space

Frame psd created by freepik – www.freepik.com

The last couple of months have made us realise that working and studying from home are going to be the new normal. We must have also had a few ups and downs with our work routines and found some difficulty in adapting to this new trend. But one thing that most home owners identified was the need to create a designated and well-structured workspace. We have a blog ‘creating a perfect work from home environment’ that defines this area further.

Minimalist Home Design

Frame psd created by freepik – www.freepik.com

We may have also realised there are a lot of things in our homes that we hardly use, or some undesirable furniture that is using up a lot of floor space. Did we ever ponder upon this back in our office going days? We are now realizing this shift of a minimalist home design where we use multipurpose folding desks, folding beds that can allow more free space in our homes. We have further discussed this in one of our earlier blogs ‘5 effective interior design strategies for small spaces.’

Focus on hygiene

Home owners were always cautious about maintaining clean and hygienic environment at home but COVID 19 has made each one of us take additional measures for ensuring hygiene and safety. Home designers would use materials that are long lasting and easy to maintain like glass, stainless steel and copper which have anti-microbial properties. The use of odourless materials for fabrics, bathroom and kitchen fittings and materials will be on the rise in the times ahead.

Home Automation

The ultra-luxurious home designs would focus more on incorporating automation technologies for a minimum contact exposure. Also, bigger homes would now want to incorporate dedicated spaces for gym, worship, relaxation. Furthermore using robots, smartphones and technology for easing our daily chore along with its dynamic use for lighting, displays etc is the future for home designing.

Focus on Uncluttering

Since most of the home owners in Mumbai have a small space, it is very important to unclutter your space and keep only what is needed. Introducing flexible walls, wall compartment and shelves to organise your accessories, electronics and other small items would be seen as a trend among small space home owners.

The pandemic has obstructed almost every industry, and interior designing is no exception to it. The priorities and the focuses of businesses are seen to be changing post pandemic. Earlier home designing was a lot about colours, décor items, lighting, furniture. But post pandemic home designers would focus more on health, hygiene, uncluttered design, materials, and maximum utilisation of the available space.

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    Sudesh Shetty

    Fantastic conceptualisation , beautiful & practical application of ideas, special considering the future home design after COVID19…….


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