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How to create a perfect Work from Home environment

Work from home has become the new normal and we all seem to have had our ups and downs with this routine. There would have been times when we found it hard to balance our work and home responsibilities. A lot of factors make it tough for us to have a good grip on our work-life balance during this period of pandemic. However, there are ways to tackle such hitches by creating the perfect and hassle-free work from home environment. Let us go through some easy steps that can help you create it.

Getting Started Early

With the lockdown compelling us to stay at home, the biggest sigh of relief for all the employed people out there is the time they are saving in travelling to and from work. While some used to be stuck in traffic jams, some had to switch modes of transport to reach their workplaces. With that out of the picture, an early start helps you get the proverbial worm by making you consistent, dedicated and better at your work. After all, everybody loves a head start; so why not take one yourself for your own good?

The Office Set-up

Whether you are the only one, or if there are others working as well, the first thing to do is pick a spot to set-up your home office. The important things to consider are network connectivity, easy access to power supply and a space to put up your day plan or to-do list. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the third one plays a vital role. When the lines between your workspace and home are blurred, you might tend to juggle between professional & personal tasks and none of it might get accomplished at the end of the day. So preparing a to-do list and pinning it up on your desk helps you to stay focused and organised.

<a href="https://www.freepik.com/photos/design">Design photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com</a>

A Creative Desk

Our mind works the way it does because it responds to the environment around it. Hence you feel different at home, at work, at a hospital and at a bank. So just think and try to recreate your office desk. The best way to trick your mind is to keep a desk plant, which you water before starting your day or have a scented candle in a corner. Inspirational quotes or even picture frames help you more than you think to stay motivated. When working from home, maintaining discipline is most important. Organise your desk, keep it uncluttered. Dedicate fixed places to pile up your files and folders, a fixed place for pen stand etc. You can also cut-out your favourite personalities or things from newspapers and use them to decorate your desk and make it further creative.

Coffee photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

A Good Sound Environment

It is obvious that you cannot work from home with the volume of tv or kids blazing over your conference call. Therefore, you must ensure that your surroundings make it an ideal place to work. Some good ways include using instrumental music to tune your mind into concentrating on work. Music is said to be highly reactive on our heart and has proved to boost productivity. In one of our blogs we have shown how lighting can affect your mood. It is very important to have a good amount of natural light flow in on your work desk to keep you energised, positive and also to reduce stress on your vision.

Gear Up

Although it is work from home, it is still important to wear the right gear when you are working from home. It signals to you that you are in work mode and gets your mind more focused and up for the task at hand. This quarantine season, try suiting up for the job you wish to have and watch how you grow with a boost in the job that you have.  

While the doctors fight on the front lines with the scientists striving to find new ways at the back, the best way for us to contribute to the fight is not only by staying safe and healthy but also working hard and keeping our economy stable. With a little change in the area where you work by getting creative you can work with a more positive state of mind and be gratified of the fight you put against the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are struggling with a small space like most of us, you must read our blog on small space design strategies.

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