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5 Simple Tips to keep your Home Hygienic

Every home owner strives to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their home. But the outburst of COVID 19 pandemic has taught us to look at hygiene from a fresh perspective and we all are willing to take additional measures to maintain a hygienic environment at home. We have made a list of very small yet important things that we should take care of to keep our home hygienic.

Window Panes

A lot of dirt gets accumulated in our windows and honestly do you remember the last time when you had cleaned your window pane? This dirt can cause various respiratory and digestive infections. So, make sure to clean the dirt from your window pane once every week. Vacuum cleaning with a soap and water washing can do the trick if done at regular intervals.


We often clean the kitchen and wash the counter tops daily. But what we miss is cleaning the cabinets, the tracks of the drawer, the cabinet door hinges and the unused crockery in those cabinets. We should make it a weekly habit to clean these areas with a disinfectant spray and a cloth. These are tiny areas where the dust accumulates over a period of time and it goes unnoticed.


For most people the hygiene in kitchen and bathroom tells about the overall hygiene of any place. Slippery bathroom floors and odours must be tackled with as a top hygiene measure. Room fresheners do help you get rid of the odour but it does nothing more. You must deep clean your bathroom too at least once a week. You can do this yourself or hire one of the many housekeeping services. Using bathroom fixture materials having longer life would take care of its maintenance and cleanliness with minimal efforts.

Door Knobs and Fabrics

The door knobs are probably the last thing that could come to anyone’s mind. They are often ignored in maintaining the overall cleanliness of our homes although they are the most touched parts of every home. We touch door knobs after eating, after using the toilet and the list goes on. So it is very important to clean the door knobs with a cleaner on daily basis. Fabrics, like bed and sofa upholstery, curtains, cushions and pillows also accumulate a lot of dust and dirt adding to unhygienic conditions at home. Dry cleaning and washing these regularly maintain not just the cleanliness but also the look of the overall home.

Create a Schedule

This might sound totally vague. But as working people we often tend to procrastinate with the household chores. Either we are running late for work in the morning or we are too tired by the end of the day. In this case everything gets pushed on to the weekends. But one weekend is all we have got. So it is better to identify what needs to be done on a daily basis and what needs to be done on a weekly basis. Once you identify these, weekend house cleaning tasks won’t be that overwhelming.

So, these were small yet important things that we tend to ignore when considering the hygiene in our homes. Follow these five simple tips for at least two months and you would be glad to feel the difference yourself. Do not ignore these, because your home environment does affect your mental and physical well-being as well!

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