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5 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Not everyone is a trained interior designer. But when it comes to decorating your home, you would definitely want to give a shot at it. Interior design can be overwhelming, but it is not very difficult to create luxurious interior design on a tight budget. We have also created a list of strategies for interior designing in small spaces.

If you are looking to take charge of interior designing your home then you should first know that the choice of your interior design has a great impact on your moods and emotions. So, before you proceed on this amazing task of designing your own home, you should avoid these five mistakes that home owners commonly make.

Painting before buying furniture

This is the most common mistake that the home owners make. They paint a room and then visualize the furniture that would go with it. But later find it difficult to find the desired furniture. So, it is wise to choose your furniture holistically before you go ahead with the painting. Because it is easier to choose the color for your walls to compliment your furniture than the other way around.

Neglecting space planning

It is a wonderful feeling to visit that home decor store and buy the furniture that grabs your attention. But if you haven’t done the space planning then you could end up buying furniture that would either be too big or too small for your space. It would either end up looking out of place or it would add to the clutter. Space planning gives you a clear order and structure to design your home efficiently. Don’t jam up your space with furniture- open spaces make a difference in creating the best modern interior design.

Hanging art frames too high

We love to hang photo frames or art frames on the walls. Art is a great way of letting your interior design reflect your personality. However, homeowners sometimes place these arts either too high or too low. If your art frames are not placed in the right position, then they add no meaning to your overall interior design. A simple trick for this is to place these frames nearest to the average line of sight, which could be around 57”-60” inches from the floor.

Getting too many decor pieces

Many a times you would get an urge to go for quantity instead of quality. But, having a dozen of them and not placing them properly would look like a clutter. Rather, it would be wise to get very few decor pieces without compromising on the quality. Having less, but, high quality items is the mantra for achieving minimalist and modern interior design.

Avoid plain white walls

In one of our blogs we had discussed about how the choice of your interior design can reflect your moods and emotion. If you have read that blog, you would know that having a plain white wall looks sterile and uninviting. You should consider adding a focal point, like an art frame or an accent furniture piece set up against the wall, to break the monotony.

Improper lighting techniques

The aspect of lighting can be segregated based on its functions- the primary or the main lights, the decor lights and the mood lighting. The decor lights can be used on your wall displays, above art frames and dresser mirrors. The mood lighting helps in enhancing the ambience according to its function and need. Soft diffused lights are a perfect feel for a party with friends or family and even for occasionally binge watching your favorite shows.

Purchasing attractive light fixtures without the knowledge of how and where they would be fixed is another common mistake one can make. Lastly, but most importantly, fixing your main ceiling lights close to the fan can create undesired shadows in the room. This can cause disturbance in TV viewing, reading or doing any such activity.

Anyway, almost everyone is guilty about committing to at least one of these common interior design mistakes. Don’t worry, sometimes even a rookie interior designer would commit these mistakes. While it is an amazing feeling to decorate your own home, it would be wise to consult an interior designer. If you are under the misconception that consulting an interior designer would burn a hole in your pocket, then let us bust this myth for you by giving you a free quote for your interior. You should also know about these budget-friendly interior design tips to increase your home’s value.

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